This can be super useful: How to create a PDF in your Google Drive of a specific sheet. Important notes: • The token is necessary ie var token = ScriptApp.getOAuthToken(); • All the parameters can be changed to suit your needs Sheet (to copy)…​ Script: read more

How to automatically place a static date, datetime, or timestamp with an edit. Important note: • I have included all 3 scripts in the editor. Uncomment out the one you want, as they cannot all work simultaneously. Sheet (to copy): Scripts: /* Sheet3 multiple read more

How to QUERY() with a column for the sheetname, or sheetnames from multiple sheets. Important note: * In the custom array {}, use commas to separate columns and semicolons to separate rows Sheet (to copy): Formula: =QUERY({ ARRAYFORMULA(IF(LEN(‘Location 1′!A2:A),”Location 1″,)),’Location 1’!A2:B; ARRAYFORMULA(IF(LEN(‘Location 2′!A2:A),”Location 2″,)),’Location read more

Here I show some basics of using onEdit() triggers: onEdit() triggers are not meant to be manually run; rather, they automatically run whenever a user changes a value on the spreadsheet. An event object is typically passed to the function, typically called e, which contains read more