This is a video tutorial for one of my most-requested setups: 2-way data sync.  FILTER(), QUERY(), IMPORTRANGE(), and other methods can pull data from one tab or range to another, but they are all 1-way: source to destination. When you want to be able to read more

The Baptist Church, the Lutheran Church, the Catholic Church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the church of the devil, the church of the [F]irstborn, the Church… The word “church” is often used to refer to either concrete or abstract entity: a building read more

Where: Vormir Who: Thanos, Gamora, and Red Skull Why: For Thanos to gain possession of the Soul Stone Did Thanos have some lore, some mysterious foreknowledge about the trial at hand to gain the Soul Stone, or was he just lucky to have with him read more

“It’s your duty,” “I am duty-bound,” “the Queen’s duties,” “the duties of the President,” “my duty to God,” “what are my duties?” A more basic question is, What is “duty?” Of course we can say “that which one is obliged to do” or “one’s responsibility,” but read more