Google Sheets

Using sets of IMPORTRANGE() formulas to hide the “live” formulas. This may be done with 2 or 3 documents – 2 is simpler, 3 is more secure. Source: Formulas: Middle: Connect with me: • • • • Twitter @FarrisSpencer read more

How to setup 2-way sync within the same workbook without any unique ID. Important notes: * This is the least efficient of the 3 methods, so I would suggest against it unless absolutely necessary Sheet (Make a copy from the File menu) Script: function read more

Setting up 2-way sync within the same spreadsheet where the ID and the row DO NOT have a mathematical relation. Important notes: * Remember to increment the /row/ variable after the loop * This assumes the FILTER()/QUERY()/IMPORTRANGE() etc. formula is already setup and functioning properly. read more

How to write a custom function and return the sheet names. Sheet (to copy from the File menu): Scripts: /** * Returns the name of the current tab. * @return Current tab name. * @customfunction */ function sheetname(){ return SpreadsheetApp.getActive().getActiveSheet().getName(); } /** * Returns read more

How to move all checked rows to another tab. Important notes: * Keep your math correct when iterating through the data array, deleting items from the Sheet, and deleting items from the array Sheet (to copy from File then “Make a copy”) Script: function read more

How to create multi-select dropdowns in Google Sheets Important notes: * Don’t run the function manually, it will fail. * Make sure the row and column in the IF() statement match the cell/range you want to include the dropdowns * The red triangle at the read more