This can be super useful: How to create a PDF in your Google Drive of a specific sheet. Important notes: • The token is necessary ie var token = ScriptApp.getOAuthToken(); • All the parameters can be changed to suit your needs Sheet (to copy)…​ Script: read more

How to automatically place a static date, datetime, or timestamp with an edit. Important note: • I have included all 3 scripts in the editor. Uncomment out the one you want, as they cannot all work simultaneously. Sheet (to copy): Scripts: /* Sheet3 multiple read more

Here I show some basics of using onEdit() triggers: onEdit() triggers are not meant to be manually run; rather, they automatically run whenever a user changes a value on the spreadsheet. An event object is typically passed to the function, typically called e, which contains read more

I have 2 related tutorials here: how to create a dependent dropdown menu with a FILTER() formula and again how to do so with a script. Sheet (to copy) Formula: =FILTER(range_to_filter,range_to_compare=cell_to_compare) =FILTER(E2:F4,E1:F1=A2) Script: function onEdit(e){ var ss = e.source.getActiveSheet(); if (ss.getName() != “Script” || e.range.columnStart read more